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If your 0-100 time is in the double digits then this tag belongs with you ;) If we can't laugh at ourselves sometimes, can we laugh at all?!

Our specially made Key Tags have been designed specifically to not damage your key barrel, to be comfortable in your pocket and to look great when sitting on a desk before you pick them up to go for a drive. 

High quality embroidered tags made to look good and be functional. Grab one before they're gone!

What are the benefits of a Key Tag?

- Soft, will not scratch your key barrel 

- Flexible so they will be comfortable in your pocket

- Easy to find being 13cm x 3cm in size so no more grabbing around your pockets looking for your keys!

- Designs are embroidered on BOTH sides of the Key Tag 


Our products are perfect for all Car Enthusiasts, Bike Enthusiasts and the like! We are based in Melbourne, Australia and ship all of our items out locally. Just Race It prides itself on providing high quality products to our customers both locally in Australia or worldwide! Whether you are into cars like the Toyota Supra, Holden Commodore, Ford Falcon, all the way to Lamborghini and Ferraris, we have a product to suit you!